Mental Health Fitness for Organizational Wellness

You can clock in-and-out of a job; but unfortunately, the effects of trauma don’t come with a timecard.

Going Beyond the Call specializes in building awareness, prevention, mitigation and resiliency tactics with people overcoming traumatic events, personal tragedies, and stress infused living.

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A comprehensive workshop

Each workshop is custom tailored from our foundational core to meet the organizations goals. Sessions can be modified to accommodate shift work and team coverage. This is a highly interactive and safe place to fully participate and gain professional and personal growth for immediate and long-term benefit. This unique program allows for a thorough examination of one’s mental fitness and how to build a more resilient you.

Tactical Emotional Adversity Management System (T.E.A.M.S.)

Going Beyond the Call encompasses the psychological, physiological and relationship impacts common to people in high stress positions, both on and off the job. This program improves community interactions, mental health wellness, employment success, and personal relationships.


Every person has a backstory that shapes the
way they interact with the world around them. Going Beyond the Call explores those inputs
with trauma informed care and neuroscience to provide tactics and tools to develop and grow your emotional adversity resilience.


Enlightened with awareness, prevention, mitigation and tools you will better manage the direct, indirect and cumulative trauma that is an absolute fact within these professions. In addition, we teach emotional intelligence and communications tactics to improve self management, community and personal interactions and gain effective influence.
Equip your teams to manage the unimaginable moments that lead to life altering wellness outcomes and enjoy better day to day communications and personal relationships
in the process.


Going Beyond the Call provides people a Survival Guide to improve mental health fitness for life!


Going Beyond the Call’s certified trainers deliver the science behind psychological trauma impacts in a highly interactive and humor infused program.

Administrators gain the advantage of measured improvements in attendance, leave time and positive engagement while mitigating risks from conduct unbecoming situations and lawsuits. Leaders lead the way by making a difference to root cause issues in mental health. For both peer crisis support, and personal mental health fitness this education is a must from day one to post retirement.



Sean Wyman

Sean is a former military special operator and 20-year Law Enforcement Officer, He is a certified High Liability, Firearms and Defensive Tactics Trainer. Sean is a trauma-informed care speaker, organizational trauma trainer and author of self-help books.

Sean's experience and advanced education is in Critical Incident Management, and Trauma Informed Care. He is a licensed provider of strategic communications, emotional intelligence and resiliency programs. His unique method is 'street tested' and has made significant impact in the community he serves.

In January 2020 Sean was awarded the Back The Blue award by Florida Attorney General, Ashley Moody for his long standing service to Law Enforcement and the launch of the Going Beyond the Call book which she gave great accolades for at the ceremony.


Deirdre von Krauskopf

Deirdre brings 30 years of Senior Leadership with experience in Strategic Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Human Behavior Facilitation, and Operations. A Military veteran, Deirdre broke through occupational barriers to achieve early success in Police Intelligence, Security and Risk Management before a long career in strategic project management.

​Deirdre's expertise combines Human Behavior, Neuroscience, Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and Strategic Communications. She is a Certified Change Manager and Trauma-Informed Care Professional that helps individuals and organizations achieve transformative change utilizing cognitive and behavioral sciences. Deridre has authored six books and created over 30 training programs.

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Mental Health Fitness for Public Safety Professionals

Going Beyond the Call began with a desire to make a significant difference in the Public Safety Professional family. Combining authors personal and professional experience with certifications in trauma informed care, mental health resilience, neuroscience of human behavior, strategic communications and emotional intelligence.

Although the statistics and stories are aimed towards the public safety professions the core content remains the same for all exposed to a high-stress and trauma infused career. Future books will be coming out annually for different professions.

Industry training programs have grown to include Disaster Management Teams, Child Welfare and Social Services Professionals, Military and spouse support groups. This body of knowledge is a comprehensive program designed for life altering impact to professional and personal lives. Speeches, Seminars and Events are modified to accommodate any industry or group.

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Real results in the real world

So much good information

"I enjoyed both facilitators. They both engaged the entire group, gave ample breaks and listened to everyone's commentary with interest. They best part was the amount of information they gave that most people have never heard."

Jessica Meadows
Communications Training Officer

Very interesting!
Great Content

"This program was fantastic. Both Sean and Deirdre are very knowledgeable and what I learned is so helpful to both work and home life. I gained great insight about the development of stress and our mind and body reactions. Learning the different levels of stress, burnout, hyper vigilance, depression, PTSD in myself and my peers and then the tools and techniques to reduce and prevent long term health issues.

Rachel Barker
Paramedic, Walton County Fire Rescue

This is how you create positive interactions!

"Going Beyond the Call teaches why the importance of communications and emotional intelligence is critical! It's what we do near 100% of our time, from gathering vital data to de-escalation & dealing with people in crisis."

Chris Summers
Chief of Investigations,
Leon County Sheriff's Office

What it took me years of research to learn, I heard packed into this class.

"When our family was hit with a PTSD diagnosis, I spent hours upon hours researching post traumatic stress, the affects on the person, the family dynamics and even the affects on future generations. Deirdre and Sean have done their research and pooled a tremendous amount of resources together. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you take any courses provided by Going Beyond the Call.

Delana Johnson
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